Meredith Leigh Thompson
I lived 16 years in Northern Virginia before easing into life on the Eastern Shore in lower, slower Delaware. I dug my toes into the sands of Bethany Beach for a little over two years before relocating nine months of each year to Owings Mills to attend Stevenson University.
I'm currently in the transitional phase of graduating with a degree in business communication and entering the workforce as a writer. Over the past summer, I interned with the Coastal Point, a weekly newspaper you can find in any newstand along the Delaware beaches, and I fell in love with journalism. There, I developed a passion for connecting with my community through writing about local people, places and events. My relationship with reporting began two years earlier when I found myself on staff with Stevenson University's newspaper, The Villager. Since then, I've stayed on the Villager team as an editor, and now an editor-in-chief. Five summers as a Starbucks barista have fueled my overwhelming addiction to espresso, which leads me to do the majority of my writing, latte in hand, at the nearest coffee shops. If I'm fortunate enough to find some spare time, I can be found indulging in my hobbies of photography, reading, occasional landscaping, taking in the outdoors, and other creative mediums. I currently attend Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, and I'm passionate about my faith. Following a stint serving Stevenson as student president of Campus Crusade for Christ, a non-denominational Christian group, I plan to represent them as their CCC staff member in the years to come.
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