Afternoon Treat: Candace's Coffee Milkshake at Starbucks

Fitness expert Candace Grasso shares her recipe for a 20-calorie drink.

Want a sweet treat that won't ruin your New Year's resolution health and fitness plan?

Then try this 20-calorie coffee milkshake—directly from Candace Grasso, our local fitness expert.

On Friday, this is what she picked up from Starbucks:

  • Four shots of espresso with sugar-free vanilla syrup in a venti cup: That's zero calories so far.
  • A splash of nonfat milk. This adds 20 calories
  • Add Splenda to taste. Manager said Candace's drink has nine packets. Splenda adds no additional calories, Grasso said.
  • It's all blended with ice, which, of course, adds no more calories.
  • Candace keeps non-fat, sugar-free chocolate syrup in her car, and adds some of that, she said. She uses Walden Farms brand, which you can order online.

If this is too much to remember, you can just ask for "Candace's drink," said . And get some of that chocolate syrup.

More variety

It just so happens (really) that on Friday, Candace had with her a half-gallon of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk from Trader Joe's, located next to .

That's what she uses at home when she makes the drink, she said. "You can use quite a bit of almond milk," she said.

And, she said she'll sometimes add Fat-Free Reddi-Whip at home, too.

Summer ready

Candace gave a hint about what's coming up in March on her Pikesville Patch blog: "Tank-Top Arms." So check back then.

Also, she has about 500 followers doing her abs challenge on YouTube, she said. You can follow along as well.


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