The Friendship Circle Honors Student Volunteers

Students from Baltimore area schools visit with children who have special needs.

Seventeen area schools will be represented tonight during the Friendship Circle's "An Evening of Appreciation" banquet Wednesday at Sinai Hospital.

The non-profit organization is honoring its teen volunteers who visit with children with special needs.

"The Friendship Circle pairs local teenage volunteers and children with special needs for weekly visits, outings, and special holiday gatherings, providing programs that enrich the lives of hundreds of children with disabilities," according to an announcement from The Friendship Circle.

"Friendship Circle also offers valuable support and relief to family's facing the many challenges of raising a child with special needs."

Students from the "Friends Helping Friends" program who will be honored tonight are from the following schools:

Bais Yaakov High School, , , Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore, , , Johns Hopkins University, Maalot Baltimore-Women's Institute of Torah Seminary, , Owings Mills High School, Peabody Conservatory, , , , and .

Following are the students who will be honored, according to the announcement:

Rochel Baron

Aaron Caplan

Adina Bendet

Andrew Dardick

Andrew Lurie

Anna Prigal

Anna Yudkovich

Anyse Carey

Arianna Heilbrunn

Ariella Grodzinsky

Aryeh Bluestein

Avi Loschak

Beila Haor

Bracha Tovarappaport

Cara Saval

Caren Lewis

Charles Nudelman

Chavie Rosenblat

Chaya Bulua

Chloe Drescher

Danny Offerman

David Copeland

Emily Heilbrunn

Emily Rascover

Hailey Jerome

Hannah Rosen

Jacob Krause

Josh Cohen

Jules Szanton

Kendall Soffer

Lani Rosenbloom

Logan Levy

Luba Rosenblat

Maia Witow

Malky Chaskelson

Marcus Rothberg

Matt Kitzen-Abelson

Maya Carey

Mendy Chazan

Menucha Tothstein

Meredith Grossman

Michal Klotzman

Michelle Greenman

Mushky Best

Nechuma Rosenblat

Nediva Sokoll-Ward

Phillip Treisman

Rachel Rossman

Rachel Safferman

Rebecca Stern

Rebekka Paisner

Rivkah Fleischman

Rivky Caplin

Rochie Rubenstein

Sam Polonsky

Sarah Miller

Sarale Wagschal

Shayna Mont

Sholom Simanowitz

Sloane Soffer

Taylor Hentzman

William Mont

Zalman Bulua

The dinner will be held at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore's ZaMoiski Auditorium, and is by invitation.


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