Updated: Schools Official Finalist for Superintendent in Florida, Michigan

Renee Foose is the deputy superintendent for Baltimore County Public Schools.

(UPDATED) Renee Foose, a deputy superindentent for Baltimore County Public Schools, is a finalist for superintendent positions in Florida and Michigan.

According to the The Voice newspaper in Michigan, the Board of Education for L'Anse Creuse Public Schools released the names of the three finalists for the superintendent position on Wednesday. The school district serves several townships in Michigan, with 10 elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools, according to the school system's website.

The Orlando Sentinel also reported this week that Foose is one of six finalists for the superintendent of Orange County Public Schools in Florida. The Baltimore Sun reported last month that Foose had applied.

Foose was hired by Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Joe A. Hairston, who is serving out the final year of his contract.

The Baltimore County Board of Education is for Hairston's replacement and has not said whether it will release the names of the three final candidates when it gets to that stage in the process.

Foose, whose salary was released by the school system after pressed by news organizations, including makes annually. Prior to coming to Baltimore County in the spring of 2011, Foose was an associate superintendent in Montgomery County Public Schools.

The school system has received criticism from for filling administrative positions while were cut.

The Baltimore Sun has reported that Foose's salary is the second highest for a person in that position in the state.

johnny towson February 03, 2012 at 03:45 PM
The cards are crumbling all around this administration. Everywhere we turn, there is something foul. We have yet to hear from the administration ANYTHING about what their vision is and how to execute it. Instead, they have maintained the status quo, played whack a mole with our communities and focused on protecting their political careers. The game is ending. I hope we the people continue to focus on what is right and just and grow increasingly intolerant of what is unsustainable. Small businesses are closing throughout the county, the quality of life is diminishing and expenses are going up. The County Government has become ineffective and approaching meaningless. Once they remove the people entirely from the process, they will be meaningless. Its time to break up the county into smaller self governed and managed districts or cities. It was unfair of us to ask a family attorney to try to govern and lead a community of 800,000 people.
Penny Riordan February 03, 2012 at 05:18 PM
This article has been updated to reflect that Renee Foose is also a finalist for a position in a Florida school system as well.
K Blue February 03, 2012 at 06:01 PM
II, too, have no idea what it is that she has done for this County in the 9 months that she has been here. I look and all I read is that she is looking at the data or regurgitating statistics and proclamations of success that the Superintendent has already put out there. I really wonder if filling that position is absolutely necessary given what it is reported that she has done. What exactly is her job description? I have never seen it in print.
Paul Amirault February 03, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Although this is an abomination. An elected school bard is just a different can of worms, but still worms.


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