Pikes Diner Seeks High School Students' Bands

As part of Pikes Diner's new music scene, Scott Reich, owner of Pikes Diner, plans to let local high school bands perform on Pikes' new stage—lights and all.

Here's good news for local high school students who wanna rock—or jazz it up.

"We're putting together a thing called High School Talent," said Pikes owner Will Reich. "We're doing a show on Tuesday nights."

is dedicating one night per week for high school students to perform on its stage, in front of the dance floor. Band members' friends and family will be invited for the show.

The bands could begin performing within four weeks or so, Reich said.

To sign up your band, contact Anita at the diner at 410-653-5545.

Pikes Remodel

I was at the Pikes early last month. But things have changed, Reich said. "We've remodeled since then."

For example, music shows are held in a different place, and there's a permanent dance floor.

In keeping with the music theme, Pikes is booking professional bands for each Friday and Saturday night, he said.

There's no show this Friday, but coming up , of the blues genre. Cost is $5 for that show. But if you come in by 8 p.m. to have dinner, the cover charge is waived.

However, remember that there's a dining room that's somewhat removed from where the band performs.

Pikesville Patch has a that will be performing within the next few months.

The Pikes has three bars: a martini bar, a full bar and a beer bar. And, of course, it has lots of Hollywood kitsch, including numerous Betty Boop figures.

The diner also serves about 15 different wines.

Do you know of a band that deserves a shot at performing at Pikes Diner? Tell us in the Comments.


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