PHOTOS: Old Court Marching Band Practices at Wellwood

Students from Old Court Middle School performed Tuesday morning at Wellwood International Elementary School.

Practice makes perfect.

That was the idea behind having the Old Court Middle School Marching Band perform Tuesday at .

"They needed a place to practice, and an audience," said Wellwood Principal Tricia Rueter. "What a great opportunity."

From about 10:30-11:30 a.m., residents of the Greenspring area who live within 1.5 miles of could probably hear the upbeat music coming from the outdoor basketball court.

The band's performers included a flag corps, two girls dancing while each holding an end of the the school banner, and the musicians.

Not only did they play music, but they performed dance as well.

Tim Doscher, band teacher and a marching band director, led the band Tuesday at Wellwood.


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