UPDATE: Petitions Circulating Against Potential Towson U. White Student Union

A representative for Center for Community Change said more than 700 letters of complaint have been sent to the Towson University president's office.

(Update 8:18 p.m.)— A national service organization has called on Towson University to denounce the creation of a White Student Union on the campus.

"We see this as a racially divisive group, and the news of this was very concerning to the communities that we serve," said Jeff Parcher, director of communications for Center for Community Change.

In an email, Donna De La Cruz, a press secretary for the organization, wrote that more than 700 letters against the White Student Union from a series of petitions on Change.org and SignOn.org have reached Loeschke's office.

The Washington, DC-based organization aims to assist low-income people, especially minorities, in 40 states.

Matthew Heimbach, former president of the Youth for Western Civilization, is part of a group of students looking to start the on the Towson campus. Youth for Western Civilization sparked national attention when its members allegedly wrote "white pride" in chalk on various parts of the campus.

"To think that someone would be so insensitive to the struggles that minority groups have faced in the country is extremely troubling," wrote a Change.org user identified as Alesia Lucas in one of the online petitions. "This group should have no place on a college campus."

Gay Pinder, a university spokeswoman, said that as of Monday, no paperwork had been filed for a White Student Union. However, she noted that all undergraduate campus-sanctioned groups must welcome all students, provided they have a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

"[Heimbach] may want [the group] to be exclusive to whites, but that's against our policy," Pinder said. "However, it is within his right to form the group—whatever the university thinks of it—as long as it follows the rules."

She declined to comment further stating that because no paperwork has been filed, the group is not yet an issue.

Earlier this year, Loeschke's office formed a task force on bias and discrimination. In March, following the chalking incident, the university held a forum on race issues and safety.

The petition letter can be read in full below:

Dear President Loeschke:

Your University claims that “Towson University values diversity and fosters a climate that is grounded in respect and inclusion, enriches the educational experience of students, supports positive workplace environments, promotes excellence, and cultivates the intellectual and personal growth of the entire university community.”

If the past is any indication, this student group is ploy to exclude groups that have been historically marginalized. A group like this has one goal: to promote hate.

Allowing a “whites only” student group directly contradicts your commitment to diversity -- and it serves no purpose other than to discriminate against non-white students.

As the President of Towson University, I urge you to publically denounce the creation and establishment of the "White Student Union."

Dave September 18, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Paul, I think the issue with hate crimes, at least racially motivated hate crimes, is that white people haven't been strung up by their necks because they are white, unlike black people. As a side note Clarence Thomas is black, so is Thomas Sowell (cited in one of your wiki articles), but I think I'm blacker than both of them.
Jamesup October 03, 2012 at 03:57 AM
With regard to ethnic and racial unions it is reasonable that they exist, just as there are Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, and Mormon groups. Of course such groups would have members that had interest in closer association with persons of their own religious interests; in consequence eventhough there were persons of differing persuasions, there likely wouldn't be significant numbers. This idea demonstrates Hitler's error. The Jews were almost exclusively interested in there own for marriage and close association; so if their theories weren't satisfactory, the other Germans who vastly outnumbered them could simply reject them. There was no need to exterminate them. If people of any race, religion, or ethnic construction find that they enjoy close association in a permitted union, they constitutionally are allowed to do so. They should not be criticized as long as they don't disrespect other groups.
s November 13, 2012 at 12:32 AM
When you visit all the sites discussing this subject what you find is out of every 10,000 people replying 9,999 people support them. like it or not eventually this will happen.if not by this group another will succeed you can discriminate against white people for ever.
nhill December 03, 2012 at 03:41 PM
no rasisme against white people , black ave a group now white p can creat group too
nhill December 03, 2012 at 03:49 PM


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