WBAL TV: Police Out-Manned In Towson Melee

TV station reports that county police "encountered fistfights; drunken, defiant roving mobs and loitering party-goers under a cloud of marijuana smoke" during a fight outside the Recher Theatre while being under orders to "make as few arr

Baltimore County Police officers responding to a fight outside the Recher Theatre in September were outmanned and under orders to make as few arrests as possible, according to a WBAL Television report.

The station cites documents it obtained in the course of its reporting on the Sept. 23 incident.

"Outmanned and under orders to use restraint and make as few arrests as possible, Baltimore County police encountered fistfights; drunken, defiant roving mobs and loitering party-goers under a cloud of marijuana smoke in the 500 block of York Road, where 1,500 people shut down the road and sidewalks -- and that was only the first wave of trouble," according to the news station's website.

The owners of the Recher Theatre are scheduled to appear Monday at a hearing with the Baltimore County Board of Liquor License Commissioners.

In September, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz blamed Brian and Scott Recher for the incident.

"I really lay the blame on one particular operator here who delegated responsibility to some third-party promoter and I've got a real problem with that because they have a liquor license and they have responsibility to maintain not only order within their premises but those who are outside their premises who are there because of the event they are promoting," Kamenetz said during a Sept. 25 news conference.

Over the years, Brian and Scott Recher have built and expanded a business that includes a concert and event venue at a vacant movie house, a bar and restaurant next door with expanded patio and the adjacent Towson Tavern.

Incidents at the bar have been few, according to liquor board officials who spoke to Patch on Sept. 26.

In May, the bar was ordered to appear at a hearing related to an underage drinking complaint. No action was ultimately taken against the bar.

In August, the liquor board sent owners of the Recher Theatre a letter after fights broke out both in front of and behind the bar.

Police arrested three men and charged then with disorderly conduct.

Immediately following that incident, The Recher brothers requested a meeting with county police and liquor board officials to review security, crowd control and under-age drinking prevention measures.

"It was a good meeting where the owner reviewed all his security, crowd control and under-age drinking control measures," said according to Mike Mohler, chief administrator for the board, in a September interview.

M. Sullivan November 18, 2012 at 06:41 PM
Tom, seems to me that some of us would like to see your comments censored as much as you would like to see other's. Maybe you should go back to annoying Baltimore City.
M. Sullivan November 18, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Maybe we just call it as we see it. Sorry for those who refuse to acknowledge the obvious.
Needaname November 18, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Tom - you are the one who wants to stir up the racial overtones. First of all - do you know if Moe Green is black ? Second - did it ever occur to you NOBODY - Black, White, Asian, Hispanic wants the element that showed up at the Recher on the night being discussed in their neighborhood. If you got off of LOOKING FOR RACIAL OVERTONES you might realize that we are all in this together.
Tom Kiefaber November 18, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Needaname:? How about Yada Yada?
Ed November 19, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Bart, you have a right to speak your mind free of GOVERNMENT interference. That is what the first amendment is about. It has NOTHING to do with a private entity restricting comment. The Carroll County Times, for example, has a far more restrictive comments policy than Patch. But guess what, that is perfectly legal. Patch getting rid of racist posts is NOT a violation of the first amendment. The federal government shutting Patch down for posting racist comments IS a violation of the first amendment.


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