Holiday Cleanup: Put the Tree Out Jan. 9-14

Baltimore County officials announce Christmas tree pick-up begins Jan. 9, and trees must be set curbside for pickup by Jan. 14.

The holidays are over and the needles are falling. Now it's time to do the right thing: Recycle that Christmas tree.

Place your natural Christmas tree curbside beginning Jan. 9 and no later than Jan. 14 for Baltimore County's Christmas tree recycling collection.

According to a news release from Baltimore County:

  • Trees will be collected curbside, but not from alleys.
  • Make sure you've stripped all decorations, lights and tree stands from the tree.

This pick-up is for people who reside in homes, the release states.

However, apartment and condominium residents should ask their property manager how the property recycles or dispose of trees, it states.

For more information and a list of sites where you can drop off a tree for recycling, visit the Baltimore County Solid Waste Management website, or call 410-887-2000.

Do you think your Christmas tree looks its worst at this point? Post a photo.


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