PHOTOS OF THE DAY: 'Remembering Our Neighbors'

A handmade crucifix, fresh flowers, have been placed in a tree stump in front Vaughn and Marjorie Pepper's home where police believe they died Saturday, victims of homicide.

An Olmstead Rood resident, compelled  to do something nice in memory of an elderly couple who were found dead in their home Monday, has placed a memorial to them.

"Remembering Our Neighbors" is painted in green across the top of a handmade, whitewashed crucifix at 800 Olmstead Road.

It's a heartwarming tribute, including fresh flowers set in a naturally hollowed tree stump in front of the Sudbrook Park home where Vaughn and Marjorie Pepper, 87 and 85, respectively, were found Monday—the victims of homicide.

Police are investigating and have named their grandson who resided with them as suspect.


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