Gwynn Oak Man Gets Life for Woodlawn Murder

Antoine Reed was sentenced for a 2008 murder at Hunter's Crossing Apartments.

Antoine M. Reed Jr. was sentenced Tuesday in Baltimore County Circuit Court to life without parole in the 2008 shooting death of a Woodlawn apartment complex manager, according to a news release from the State's Attorney's office.

Judge John J. Nagle III sentenced Reed, of Gwynn Oak, in the death of Milton Barnes, the manager of the Hunter's Crossing Apartments complex. Reed was convicted by a jury in August of first-degree murder and unlawful use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence .

Barnes, "was found suffering from a gunshot wound to the head on June 24, 2008," according to the news release.

Barnes reportedly "had been having difficulties with an employee." Reed, a resident of Newfield Road in Gwynn Oak, was the boyfriend of that employee.

"Reed confronted Mr. Barnes on the morning of June 24, 2008 and shot him," according to the release.

The apartments are located at 6307 Monika Place in Woodlawn.

Reed was convicted in 1995 of second-degree murder in Baltimore City and was released in 2004. He is currently serving 10 years in federal prison for distributing cocaine.

Harry Callahan November 21, 2012 at 12:23 PM
"Reed was convicted in 1995 of second-degree murder in Baltimore City and was released in 2004. He is currently serving 10 years in federal prison for distributing cocaine." How does this happen that an individual can actually KILL another human being and only serve 9 years in prison? Ooops...sorry, I missed the part about the case being in Baltimore CITY, not Baltimore COUNTY. My bad. This is further confirmation that life is cheap in Baltimore City.
Al Day November 21, 2012 at 05:47 PM
This type behavior has spread like cancer around the metro area. When I was a kid that neighborhood was a great place to live and without serious crime. Liberal politics and 'do-gooder' thinking has led to mayhem. At least this individual got life this time. I wonder how many more got a few years and then did it again and again?
Joe November 21, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Remember the amusement park at Gwynn Oak? We went there as kids and the parents had no concerns about us running around alone. times sure do change.
Harry Callahan November 22, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Woodlawn has the highest rate of violent crime in all of Baltimore County. On the few times I have the misfortune of being required to visit that part of the county I treat it as if I were going to Chernobyl in the Ukraine. Keep you windows up, keep your doors locked, spend as little time there as possible, keep your cell phone close by and keep your gun even closer.
Juandre Brown November 22, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Harry it is unfortunate that I have to prove that you are wrong. Neighborhoodscout.com tells the crime rates of all cities in Baltimore county and Woodlawn is nowhere near the worst. Look for yourself. I know that spouting out stats like this make you feel better about yourself but try factual evidence next time.
Juandre Brown November 23, 2012 at 04:35 AM
I was comparing it to other parts of the county. He said that it had the highest rate of violent crime in Balt Co. The site clearly shows that Woodlawn's rate is 6.52 violent crimes per 1000 people. Areas like Parkville (6.93), Dundalk (9.47), Rosedale(8.21) and Essex(8.58) have higher rates. It even shows Glen Burnie and Greenbelt with more violent crimes. My contention is not that Woodlawn is the safest place on the planet, but it is certainly not this dangerous place that Harry makes it out to be. You may not want to believe these stats but what is to be gained by lying about Woodlawn and not all the other areas on that site. Btw Windsor Mill has many secluded areas that may help factor into that rating. 14 may seem low but that is about par for the course for a city with geographic layout of Woodlawn.
john merkle November 25, 2012 at 05:13 AM
I'll never be convinced that Woodlawn is anywhere near "safe"...been robbed at gunpoint [in my car] at Dogwood and Gwynn Oak Ave by teen thugs w/their daddy's gun...wearing "light-up" tennis shoes!...ahaha!!!..what's worse I grew up just inside the city line in Gwynn Oak Ave...in the 60's...nice then!..just not now! btw...Westview was nick-named "murderers mall"...cheers!
lo-lo January 06, 2013 at 07:58 PM
thats not true yes the city of baltimore is off the hook but so is your county baltimore county yes indeed off the chain sir so read more and get your facts correct i feel that you were very bias in your statement,I think in Baltimore County thats were the kids weak up and kill there entire family eat ceral and leave for school or how about the meth labs yea and then they walk so really it is no difference check your facts
lo-lo January 06, 2013 at 08:05 PM
see now im about to come for you again OUt OF ORDER MR. and just were do you live do you have a gun permit maybe not see what you fail to relize is this no one in the usa is perfect or the uk and not even you your talking about a gun now soon as you feel what you wouldnt call your norm occurs riding threw this wonderful city of ours you will pull your gun and shoot some one and kill them because of there norm yea different stuff go on ever where but your mr perfect guy huh you would be the first to do a george zimmermen and look for the why me
john merkle January 28, 2013 at 05:09 AM
Yes indeed, it was a safe plce for me, too, as a kid (riding my bike) in the 60's and 70's....


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