$70K, Diamond Ring, Gun Stolen from Owings Mills Home

A burglar stole several items, including a diamond ring and a handgun, and cash from an Owings Mills home.

A burglar stole clothing, money, jewelry, thousands in cash and more from an Owings Mills home, according to a Baltimore County Police report.

A three-karat diamond ring, $70,000 in cash, a Kel-Tec 9mm semi-automatic handgun, a black Gucci purse and a grey Sentry safe were stolen from a home on the unit block of Stretham Court in Owings Mills between at 7:38 p.m. on Nov. 9, the report said.

No arrests have been made in the incident, according to police.

Jaime Lyn November 13, 2012 at 03:36 PM
It looks to me like those people got their money back from the stolen apartments...jus' sayin'...exactly $70,000 stolen in 2 different cases...hmmmm! http://owingsmills.patch.com/articles/70-000-stolen-from-two-owings-mills-apartments
Kristen November 13, 2012 at 03:44 PM
I somewhat agree with you, Jane Doe. Who on earth keeps $70k cash in their home?? Ok, ok... it's plausible that the cash was in the safe but still, $70k?! Talk about some serious petty cash... I'd like to be friends with this person, haha. Don't know about it being a set-up but in my (uneducated and unsubstantiated) opinion, someone who keeps that kind of cash at home -- instead of in the bank -- is either absurdly wealthy and $70k is chump change to them or they're a shady, illegitimate business character who is trying to evade taxes, the IRS and the like. If the latter is closer to the truth, then it does not surprise me that they were a victim of such a robbery. And of course, we cannot rule out the idea of insurance fraud... which would corroborate with the idea of it being a set-up. Anyway... just my silly, ridiculous, gossipy opinion... haha. Cheers! Kristen
Kristen November 13, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Hmmm.... I just read the other article that you linked, Jaime Lyn, and I think you are totally right! Seems like they truly did just get their money back, haha. The other article does mention the person(s) involved are related (or at least knew each other) and were involved in a legal case concerning the money. I guess these people not only know the 'eye for an eye' theory, they also practice it! =) Even still... I smell shadiness... in the form of, say, drugs or illegal business matters or... whatever it may be. I know this sounds super judgey but it kind of surprised me to read that those people have a ridiculous amount of cash... but live in a crappy apartment. Nothing wrong at all with apartment living... just strange that someone with access to soooo much cash lives in an apartment as opposed to a place or property that one could likely afford if they are able to have so much pocket money, haha
Marc Shapiro November 13, 2012 at 06:09 PM
I just checked with police. This is NOT connected to the other incidents where cash was stolen from two apartments. Odd coincidence though.
Jaime Lyn November 14, 2012 at 02:49 AM
I'm not buying that Marc...I know you can only report what they tell you but if these are the type of investigators we have at this precinct it doesn't surprise me with the huge increase in crime recently. Did they map the location of both of these incidents? They are so close to each other, both in the same apartment complex (from what I see, if not one is a townhouse) and I'm supposed to believe that there are this many people in less than a 1 mile radius with $70,000 cash just hanging out in their house. Perhaps they should allow citizens to start investigating these crimes since we seem to have more sense than they do.


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