POLL: Who's to Blame for Anti-Semitic Prank?

Three California girls are expelled after anti-Semitic 'prank'; comedian Jon Lovitz takes to the Internet to denounce the incident.


Chatsworth Patch in California published the following report on April 11:

Three girls who reportedly admitted to police that they on a classmate's walkway April 3 have been permanently expelled from Nobel Middle School in Northridge, according to KCBS 2.

School officials would not confirm the action but told the Jewish Journal, the girls “are being disciplined according to school policy.”

"The three girls who vandalized my friend's home with swastikas and dog crap have been expelled from their school permanently," comedian Jon Lovitz tweeted on Tuesday.

Lovitz took to the Internet to denounce what police called an "ill-advised prank" at the Northridge home of a childhood friend whose parents were Holocaust survivors.

He tweeted, "Some coward & idiot left this on a friend's doorstep yesterday. This is an insult to all of us."

In an odd twist, the girls are not being prosecuted for a hate crime because the swastikas and the word "Jew," written in maple syrup, did not do permanent damage.

But one mother may face a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for driving the girls to the scene, based on a charge police are recommending to the city attorney’s office, the Jewish Journal reports. The woman was not being identified until charges are filed.

-- The Huffington Post, KCBS 2 and the Jewish Journal contributed to this report.


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