Where Do You Go for Whitefish Salad?

Sometimes a person just has to have a serving of whitefish salad when in Pikesville. Where do you get it?

Ask me where's my favorite whitefish salad in Pikesville, and I'll respond .

I'm happy to report that I've never found a bone. Not even today, Friday, when I ordered this whitefish platter with everything bagel.

There's free wifi and pleasant outdoor seating, which was perfect today for putting together today's stories.

Where's your favorite place in Pikesville for whitefish salad? And your favorite place to get it, anywhere? Tell us where, and add something about why.

Cheryl Cohen April 24, 2012 at 03:42 PM
My favorite whitefish salad comes from Lenny's Deli. I love the big chunks of whitefish, and they make it with very little mayo. Quarry Lakes does make a close second, and you can't beat their bagels. They are fabulous. Oh yes...the free wifi at Quarry Bagels is an added pus!


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