TOTALLY ZONING OUT: Proposed Grocery Store - with all its parking off residential streets !?

Like, Totally Zoning Out
Like, Totally Zoning Out

Could it be an early April Fools’ joke ?      Residents aren’t laughing.

  A proposed grocery store   -   going into a Pikesville neighborhood where the only available parking is thru the neighborhood’s residential streets  -   would bring an estimated 800 customers’ cars, 50 employees’ cars , and 10-12 semi’s and other delivery trucks onto a quiet residential street !?

             MUST be a bad joke.


 Wait – it gets better:    (Shhh !!!   Don’t tell anybody !! )

     The neighborhood just found about this.     And the Zoning Hearing is next Wednesday!    

    Some residents thought the cryptic signs were saying that the current owner (a church) was re-paving their parking lot.  No such luck.

   The County calls this   “Zoning Case #  2014-0116-SPHA”       and the neighborhood is calling it:     #*(&*@%   !!!

    New Math:   Somehow, these nearly 1000 visitors a day will miraculously fit onto the site’s 106 parking spots, which are spread across a couple of blocks.      (C’mon, customers will just park in front of resident’s homes.)

   The cryptic signs on the property  (401 Reisterstown Road )  provide little information, and they somehow mention nothing about a potential 20-times  increase in traffic, or semi-trucks, or being open late hours. 

   The neighbors just want the proposed development cancelled.      The developer just wants this kept out of the news, and quietly approved.

The Zoning Meeting is...    Well, see the sign for "complete details".           

Ruth H. Bloch December 04, 2013 at 05:31 PM
Where is this supposed to be?


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