Brooklyn Water Bagel Has Numerous Options, Small Location

Pikesville's new bagel shop offers a myriad of choices for lunch, from bagelwiches to whitefish salad. But don't expect to get a seat—at least not during peak hours.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.'s debut has been highly anticipated in Pikesville—a town whose residents know bagels.

And customers have been turning out in large numbers, even though the dining area is too small to accommodate the new-restaurant hordes.

As we gazed over the crowded dining room, it was apparent that it held more people waiting than sitting.

That was during the lunch hour this week when I went to get my first taste of the water, the bagels, and the whitefish salad.

This restaurant sells its own water, reportedly made to taste like the water found in Brooklyn, NY.

Restaurant literature says this particular water is used to make the bagels. "It's All About the Water," according to the restaurant chain motto.

Does it taste like Brooklyn water? Well, the closest I've gotten to Brooklyn tap water is Manhattan. And the water at the restaurant tasted nothing like it. Rather, it tasted clean and smooth, not metallic like the tap water I had in a city apartment building.

I can't say I taste a difference in the bagel. What I can say is that question of whether the kind of water makes a difference in the bagels' taste was on my mind the entire time I was there. While I wanted to taste a difference, and be able to say 'Eureka! I understand!' I just couldn't.

Nonetheless, the everything bagel I had passed my bagel test.

The bagel was large enough, well-seasoned, not cakey and slightly chewy—a good trait, I believe, in a bagel.

The whitefish platter came with a generous portion of the delicacy, which is a lot like tuna salad, but is made with a much milder-tasting fish, and without extras.

The whitefish itself—the restaurant calls it 'spread' instead of 'salad'—was slightly smokier than others I've had, and had a little too much mayo for my liking.

Toppings were thick slices of cucumber and tomato, very thin slices of red onion, numerous, whole leaves of green leaf lettuce, and two small sides: macaroni salad and potato salad.

Because I had to wait a while to get my order during a hot, July day, I can't say that I was pleased to have to take it to my car rather than sit in the dining room.

But the restaurant was just too crowded, and I wasn't in the mood to vie for a seat. With so many people, how would I know who was there first? I certainly didn't want to find out. This is one of those places where you'll send an office representative to order for everyone.

They'll bring the orders back and everyone can enjoy them in the conference room, where they can have an open, honest discussion about the water.

Otherwise, it's worth a trip during non-peak hours, just to indulge in one of the beverage choices, including a bottle of Brooklynized water, a chocolate egg cream, cherry coke or Cubsta Iced Coffee. That's frozen coffee made with frozen coffee ice cubes.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is located at 25 Hooks Lane.

It's open 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., seven days a week.

For more info, call the restaurant at 410-602-7776.

Visit the website for a full menu.

Read another review of this restaurant on Yelp.

What's your take on The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.? What did you have, and what did you think? Are you familiar with Brooklyn water? If so, please say whether you know the difference or not!

bonnie orman silverberg July 21, 2012 at 12:13 PM
i think good bagels are always made with a controlled water suppy..for consistency. the "new york" factor is just a promotional angle...regardless of what they say. i have been there a few times already/great coffee/good bagels......and oh my,a greatly needed offering in an area where bagels should be easy to find......i am thrilled to have a better choice than goldberg's,which is filthy most of the time and unaccomadating. best wishes to this new business!!!! thumbs up.
Harry Callahan July 21, 2012 at 02:04 PM
Stopped by the other day and got some bagels from these guys. They are great! I've never had a problem with Goldberg's and I love them as well. The one advantage that these people have is that since they are not kosher, they will be open on Saturday's. For those who keep kosher, this means that they will use Goldberg's. When you think about it we have a win-win situation here for TRUE bagel lovers in Baltimore County. These people are definately not pretenders like THB and Einstein's.


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