DISH'IN NUTRITION: Plan for Holiday Weight Management

The best way to approach this time of year is by planning your way to success. Do so and come January 1st, you'll be happy to have 'held the line' on behalf of your waist line!!

Can you say "THANKSGIVING?" I don't know about you, but I seem to be having a bit of trouble spitting it out there myself. It's the same story every year. The clock seems to race just a little bit faster and my ability to run it down feels as though I may be losing a bit of steam. 

For someone like me, who enjoys the months of October, November and December more than just about anyone else I know, facing the fact that it’s already here can still seem a little alarming. But ready or not, like a runaway locomotive ...Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are headed our way and they're coming in rapid fire succession. So whether you feel ready or not....it's time to get your Holiday Grove On! The good news is, you can chose to jump on with a smart plan of action and this year, thoroughly enjoy a fun filled ride on the ‘Fast Approaching Holiday Express’ - OR -  you can just stand there like a deer caught in the headlights and trust me...(without a plan of action in place), IT WILL RUN YOU OVER! 

 One of the many reasons most of my clients seem to panic a bit here, is due to the fact that they feel they are ill equipped to handle the shear volume of food that they're seemingly presented with EVERYWHERE they go. Do you have a hair appointment coming up? There will be plate after plate just sitting there loaded with tempting Holiday Cakes and Cookies. Be careful when your door bell rings. Answer it, and it's more than likely the neighborhood kids presenting you with a pretty little tin of holiday treats they've made with their mommy, just for you! It's either being passed before you, handed directly to you or spread out before you at every event you attend. It is true, it's everywhere and there's nothing about it that's conducive for weight maintenance, much less to continue on a program for weight loss.

 The best way to approach this time of year is by planning your way to a success. Do so and come January 1st,  you'll be happy to have 'held the line'. There's absolutely no reason you need to fear that this time of year. You may have heard different, but enjoying the Holidays is not synonymous with having to buy a larger wardrobe...GOD FORBID! 

 Of course the best way to plan for success when heading out, is to always BRING a platter of your own Holiday 'goodies' for every one to share. You make it, so you can be creative... using recipes that you know will make for great food, that contain a fraction of the calories of the other goodies there. If you need ideas, look through the archives of this blog for all of the dates that start with "FESTIVE FARE"!

Then  Partake of a couple of 'YOUR treats' and end it! But when you you're home...it's much easier still. Search for alternatives when making dishes for your Holiday Parties, Family Dinners and be sure to make extra and freeze it. That way you'll be prepared for impromptu get togethers with neighbors and friends.  

  When you feel ill prepared to handle the situation, then the Holiday Season can end up feeling like one night mare after another. Constantly fighting and maneuvering your way through FESTIVE PARTY 'land mines' with hair pin triggers to set you up for failure. What fun is that? If you’re lucky, all you can hope for is to possibly push your way to the end of it all without having gained the dreaded "Festive Fifteen"!

Remember, the Holidays are about so much more than food. In fact, the Holidays should be about spending quality time with family, close friends and precious loved ones .THAT is what it’s truly all about. Interestingly enough, “research” shows - spending that kind of quality time with your loved ones is;

 1) Priceless

2) Fat Free

3) Sugar Free


4) Calorie Free as Well!



My next post will offer up a low calorie alternative for Thanksgiving Day Stuffing!

 Until Next Time,


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