Taxing Travails

It's tough around here, getting an accountant. Any advice?

I am new—new to Pikesville, that is.

So I'm asking advice on finding a good accountant, one who will take on a new customer and be pleasant about it. And I prefer to call a phone number that isn't disconnected.

Liberty Tax Service is listed throughout the Internet as still operating in Pikesville. But it's not. The phone number is disconnected.

Same with H&R Block.

Today I started on a list of accountants, and from the responses from most of them, you'd think I was asking them to give me their Social Security numbers.

At , the man who answered the phone said he didn't understand what I wanted when I asked if he is taking on new clients. Ok, not the one for me. And to be fair, I can understand that there are larger, more lucrative accounts than mine to deal with.

I asked if my cell phone had 'broken up' when I posed my question. He said it hadn't.

I pressed on and called . First, the receptionist wanted to know: 'How did you find us?'

"I got your number on the Internet," I said. She left to talk to the accountants, who declined my request. "We only take direct referrals," the receptionist said. In our Pikesville Patch Directory, I find that they do business accounting. Does a home-office count?

So I don't know the right people. Actually I know plenty, but they are not yet privy to my plight.

I am considering Jeffrey D. Baer, CPA, PA, who was quite pleasant and helpful, and would meet me on a Sunday. But he might be too costly. I'm going to make sure his information is put into our Directory.

Frustrated, now I await further advice from my generous readers.

Steven Smith February 26, 2011 at 12:26 AM
I have used the services of James Carroll in the past. He works out of a home office himself. While he is not in Pikesville, he isn't far away. He lives in Owings Mills not far from Red Run Blvd. Here is his contact information: James Carroll, CPA L.L.C. carrollj@jamescarroll-cpa.com www.jamescarroll-cpa.com (410) 356-3479 (410) 356-1950
Janet Metzner February 26, 2011 at 12:32 AM
Thank you, Steven for some valuable advice. I appreciate the help!


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