PHOTO OF THE DAY: Remnants of Derecho at Druid

Tree damage at Druid Ridge Cemetery is still apparent this week.

I took a drive through this week, and found some signs of the June 30 derecho storm still remain:

  • Wood chips and twigs crunch as you drive over remains of fallen trees already cleared away
  • Part of the monumental pine cluster in the middle of the cemetery is now gone, having fallen to the storm
  • Felled trees along bordering have already been cut, but await pick up and disposal

struck in the Pikesville area, causing widespread power outages, some lasting as long as seven days.

Do you know of any other storm damage that remains? If so, upload those photos to this article. How long was your power out, and in what neighborhood? Let's see whose was out the longest? Tell us in the comments box.


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