Marlin & Rays Shutters After 3 Months In Bel Air

The Bel Air location was one of 13 to close.

After little more than three months in business in Bel Air, Marlin & Rays permanently closed its doors Wednesday.

The Bel Air location was not alone in closing. Parent company Ruby Tuesday's president and CEO James “JJ” Buettgen said tough times prompted the decision to close all 13 Marlin and Rays seafood restaurants, a Potomac Local piece reports.

The announcement to close came the same day the company's second-quarter earnings were announced, according to a story on Nation's Restaurant News.

According to Potomac Local, the company lost about $15 million in the conversion of Ruby Tuesday restaurants to Marlin & Rays.

Bel Air was among the conversion sites. Ruby Tuesday closed its 593 Baltimore Pike location in July.

Marlin & Rays guest services manager Sam Parker told Patch in August that closing the Ruby Tuesday was a step toward balancing the number of both chain locations.

You tell us: What are your thoughts on the closing?

Smitty January 20, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Aside from Bonefish, we have always thought that the chain restaurant food is "so so". Support the local establishements! Plenty to choose from in Bel Air. Sean Bolan's, Freddies, Looney's, MaGerks! Liberatore's, Basta Pasta, Scotto's has great italian.
Elizabeth Todd Glass January 21, 2013 at 03:08 PM
I've lived in Bel Air (yep, that's right; it's TWO words for those above making it one !!) since 1949. What used to be a lovely, rural town, has turned into a bedroom community for those working in Baltimore and D.C. and now a 'thriving metropolis' on its own. With the construction of Rt. 24 in 1987, originally proposed as a bypass to I-95, (NOW they do the bypass of a sort!!) the city has come to Harford and straight into the Town of Bel Air!! We have a diverse selection of cuisines in Bel Air and all around Harford County I see absolutely no reason to place another one , where Marlin and Ray's just closed. The parent company, Ruby Tuesday, will most likely find some type of restaurant to be placed there but I, for one, see no need. If I want something unique to tickle my palate, I'll find a good recipe and cook it myself!! Our locally-owned businesses do need our support. But for now, for me, my kitchen serves me just fine!!
Karl Schuub January 21, 2013 at 03:32 PM
Agreed with above comment "garbage in and garbage out". Sadly chain restaurants are designed to appeal to the average palate...and since everyone's palate is different it's a recipe gauranteed to provide milquetoast bland - neither great nor offensive we are expected to dutifully gobble down moderate quantities of dull and be glad for it. I grow weary of being manipulated by carefully chosen decors each reflecting the careful sameness that we can all recognize as suburban. How very sad that the limited few restaurants in HdG have greater variety and interest than the dozens we have on this side of town.
MrHungry January 26, 2013 at 10:47 PM
Turn the entrance toward the shopping center and maybe a chikfila or box hill crab cake joint can thrive
Colin January 28, 2013 at 09:37 PM
The Fiesta Grill has overpriced food, very little seating, terrible acoustics (two TVs competing with the radio behind the counter), and cheap plastic utensils. The one time we ate there we had to ask for chips and salsa, but then declined them because they charge for that. The food was unevenly cooked and some of our meal sat cooling because the cook didn't tell anyone it was done. When we finally go it, it was more cool than warm. They also tacked on an 18 percent gratuity onto the bill and there were only three of us.


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