Major Changes Afoot for Greenspring Shopping Center Lot

Improvements planned are more landscaping, a new parking lot surface and 90-degree parking spaces.

The angled parking spaces at Greenspring Shopping Center will soon be a thing of the past. And there will be upgraded lighting, better sidewalks and more landscaping once improvements to the shopping center parking lot are complete, said Michael Brooks of Shopping Center Management Company Inc.

"We're modernizing and upgrading the parking lot, repaving the surface and modern lighting is being [installed]," he said.

Brooks said the light emitted will still be screened and controlled to not spill over into the neighborhoods nearby.

Work will be done throughout the entire lot and could be completed by the end of November, Brooks said.

Construction in the parking lot a few weeks ago when some concrete tree planters were removed to be . Among the improvments will be more landscaping, Brooks said.

For example, instead of having two narrow sidewalks on each side of the central Smith Avenue entrance, there will be one large sidewalk on one side—the left side as visitors enter the shopping center.

On the opposite side where the other sidewalk used to be, will be new landscaping, stretching from Smith Avenue to near the shopping center.

The lot's slant-angled parking will be redesigned to 90-degree parking spaces, Brooks said.

"I think it will be a nice improvement for the neighborhood," he said of the entire project.

The shopping center was built in 1966, Brooks said. Among the businesses are , and a Sunoco service station.


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