Fields Owner Thanks Well-Wishers in Final Days

Jeff Levin said owners and employees have gotten lots of positive support since the store's closing was announced.

Sometimes good things come out of bad situations.

Fields of Pikesville owner and general manager Jeff Levin said he's been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback he's gotten since he announced that the store will close.

"People have been very warm and said how much we're going to be missed," Levin said on Monday. "How widespread it was surprised me."

Levin said they don't have a final closing date yet, but he doesn't expect the store to be open past Labor Day. 

In addition, the Levins own the building and will be selling that, too. 

Levin said they keep hearing how Fields has been a part of people's lives in Pikesville for so long.

"When you have a 120-year-old business ... it's always been there," Levin said. "It was almost like it was part of their house. Suddenly, it's going to be gone."

Making the decision to close the store proved difficult, but eventually provided a sense of relief, Levin said. Announcing its closing also seemed to bring in a bunch of folks to the store once again.

"That was kind of gratifying and fun to see the customers come in and enjoy themselves again," Levin said. 

Seth Hurwitz August 16, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Very sorry to see this institution close.


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