Cheapest Gas Price Along Reisterstown Road: $3.51

We drove Reisterstown Road through Pikesville and south across the Baltimore City line to find the cheapest gasoline prices.

In need of another fill-up without breaking the bank? At Patch, we did the search for you. And again, we found that, generally, the further south you drive on Reisterstown Road, away from I-695, the cheaper the gasoline tends to be.

The Winners: The cheapest gas Wednesday afternoon was found just across the Baltimore City line at the BP station, located at 4101 Patterson Ave. at Reisterstown Road, where regular gasoline was $3.51 per gallon. The silver grade was $3.69 and ultimate was $3.75.

Gulf, located at 6315 Reisterstown Road, shared the same low price for regular gasoline at $3.51 per gallon, but its plus and premium grade prices were higher at $3.71 and $3.81, respectively.

The Runner-Up: We found the next-best deal at , where regular gas was $3.57 per gallon. Here, silver costs $3.81 per gallon and ultimate costs $3.87.

Today's highest-priced gasoline: , had the highest prices. Regular gas at Shell costs $3.65 per gallon, plus costs $3.82 and V-Power costs $3.93.

Baltimore resident Thomas Robinson, who was pumping gasoline at the Patterson Avenue BP, said the BP station has the cheapest prices he can find in Baltimore County and city.

However, he said more progress needs to be made to decrease Maryland gas prices. 

"The gas prices are to the extreme," Robinson said. "When I go further south like Virginia, I get gas at about 20 cents cheaper than here."


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