B-more Yoga Studio Open in Pikesville

B-more Yoga combines the worlds of yoga and visual art to promote healing and wellness in stressful lives.

Meetings. Rugby practices. Grocery shopping. Errands. Endless lists. Homework.

All of these things to do scream that your schedule is crammed and packed to the max and makes a day that's with stress, anxiety and panic. You know the feeling?

Somehow, there’s never enough time to complete any one thing—less exercise, rest or relaxation. 

Well, there is a new space in Pikesville that can help you reset, restore and reflect.

Jeff and Emily Arenberg, a husband and wife team, opened B-more Yoga studio recently, offering an alternative to life’s daily stresses. 

B-more makes its home at 1321A Bedford Ave., just a few doors down from the Pikesville post office.

When you walk inside B-more Yoga, the outside world becomes a paused memory as the scented candles and music drown out all the inner and outer cacophony.

With B-more’s minimalist décor and art-filled walls, the Arenbergs have masterfully combined visual art exhibition with the ancient practice of Yoga, which promotes whole body healing and wellness.

“I wanted to bring the gallery feel to the studio to honor one of my friends, Mike Gold, who passed away a few years ago,” said Jeff Arenberg. “He owned an art gallery here in town.” 

The studio hosts monthly artists' openings in its eclectic “less-is-more” studio corridor, while offering up a variety of Yoga classes (Hot Power Vinyasa, traditional, kids and more), as well as acupuncture, Nia Technique and massage.

So, if you’re looking to rewind and regroup, Bmore Yoga has something for everyone and this month’s featured artist is Stephanie Rudolf.

For more information about classes, artist openings, events and special promotions, please call the studio at 410-627-4597, or visit the B-more Yoga website.


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