Embrace All Aspects of Spring 'Cleaning'

Create a new inner and outer self with Hot Yoga and Zumba.

Spring and summer cleaning aren't always for the house and office.

Books, papers, files, magazines, old clothes and furniture get tossed or taken to a charitable organization. It’s a part of the “lightening the load” ritual. Somehow, just tossing a few books and some old clothes can send us on our way to other cleaning rituals.

So you ask, “What other rituals could there be?”

Flex your muscles, clear your mind and leave those winter blues behind. Shape up at Curves in Pikesville and awaken the inner yogini at Charm City Yoga in Towson.

Going to the gym or attending a yoga class can definitely be the catalyst to getting rid of all the unwanted physical and mental junk at the “life dump."

Ladies … sometimes we want to take a few moments for ourselves—burn some energy and discard some mind trash. 

If you’re going to spend an afternoon in Pikesville running a few errands and stopping to see friends, don’t forget to take your gym gear and make a stop at , located at 1321B Bedford Avenue, Pikesville.

Curves is a gym for women that offers many services, products and programs: weight management; Zumba and other fitness classes; weight training; fitness equipment; vitamins and supplements; and club-specific publications.

Currently, Curves is offering a Stronger Together Guest Pass for a free fitness assessment and first-class discount.

"Curves always runs national discounts ... members can bring buddies. Women want to look good when they take their coats off," said Shifra Abramson, Curves Owner.

Curves is the place to tone, tighten and train your muscles for a more healthy you. You can get a great workout and not worry about distractions like those at traditional gyms.

Maybe you’re not in the mood to lift weights or to Zumba from one end of the gym to the other end. Maybe you want a little more quiet.

Just 15 minutes away from Pikesville is Charm City Yoga, located at 7 Allegheny Ave. in Towson.

Charm City offers yoga classes (including Hot Vinyasa), meditation and a host of special events aimed to assist the inner yogini in sweeping away the unwanted thoughts, memos and unwanted "mental coats" that hang around.

With spring around the corner, you can get an Unlimited Month of Yoga pass for just $40 at Charm City Yoga. Stretch, sweat and sit your way to a more balanced you.

Janet Metzner February 17, 2011 at 04:21 PM
Here's a comment from a reader sent via email. She asked that her name not be mentioned, though. That's Ok with us! "If you really want to clean it all out with sweat and mental perspiration another fabulous way is the true HOT YOGA: Bikram. I could barely walk. My knees and left hip were so bad from being overweight. After Bikram I am pain free and try to practice every day. So, recommend people try Baltimore and Cockeysville's Bikram Yoga!


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