Ivan Neville Talks Hurricanes, Obama, Funk and More

Dumpstaphunk's Ivan Neville talks about Hurricane Sandy, his memories of Hurricane Katrina, the presidential election, funk music, Dumpstaphunk's upcoming album and more.

Editor's note: This video contains some profanity.

Here's the order of the interview:
(when viewing on YouTube, click on the times in the video caption to jump to a particular section of the video)

0:00 HeadCount/Magic Hat Participation Tour
0:57 Hurricane Sandy and its timing with the election
3:23 Ivan's experience of Hurricane Katrina from the road
7:38 The 2012 Presidential Election and how the hurricane factors into it
9:37 Social commentary in lyrics
10:05 Dumpstaphunk's steady growth
10:59 Dumpstaphunk's upcoming album and the band's diverse influences
12:35 Funk as a dirty word
13:40 The sounds of the upcoming album
14:32 What is funk?


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