Volunteer Fire Company Installs Officers, Elects Board Members

The Pikesville group's annual meeting was held recently.

Lawrence Goldberg will serve his second year as captain and commander of the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company.

Goldberg and other field operations officers were inducted recently during the company's annual meeting, according to a news release.

The other officers include:

  • Scott Goldstein, 1st engine lieutenant
  • Adam Goodman, 1st squad lieutenant
  • Brian Schumer, 1st emergency medical services lieutenant
  • Jeremy Scherr, 2nd EMS lieutenant
  • Michael Connors 3rd EMS lietenant

The following members were elected to the company's board of directors:

  • Allen Roody, president
  • Sam Dansicker, 1st vice president
  • Kathleen Resnick, 2nd vice president
  • John Berryman, Jr., 3rd vice president, who was recognized for 50 years of service.
  • Jonathan Polirer, secretary
  • Carl Phelps, treasurer

Directors include Glenn Resnick, Michael Schwartzberg, and Rick Udell. Chaplains are Kathleen Resnick and Terry Sapp.

For more information on the company, visit the new website.


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