Passover Inspiration from Pikesville Area Congregations, Shuls

From Chabad of Park Heights to Chizuk Amuno, rabbis and scholars celebrate the importance of Pesach, which begins at sundown Monday.

Beth El Congregation

"When we sit at our seder tables we are fortunate to share sumptuous meals with people that we love," wrote Rabbi Steve Schwartz. "Passover also reminds us that we were once slaves, and that memory gives us a special obligation to give back to those in need." Read Rabbi Schwartz's entire message.

See the schedule of Passover events at Beth El.

Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Congregation

"All of us have an equal obligation to be teachers of Torah to the children. This applies year round, but especially so on Pesach. The entire seder concept is the delivery method of teaching the children. We have them ask questions to arouse their interest. We play games and dip our fingers into the wine as well as dip vegetables and eggs in saltwater, make sandwiches, talk about 4 types of children, and all types of other activities our children can relate to.

"And we tell the story of our people's origins, year after year after year. Passover, more than God's passing over our houses, is the "passing over" of our traditions and history to continue this unbroken chain of generations." —Rabbi Yerachmiel Shapiro. Read Rabbi Shapiro's entire message in the "Pesach Schedule and Newsletter."

Chizuk Amuno Congregation

"Even though we know we’re play acting around our Seder tables, even though we know Salt Water isn’t really our tears and Haroset isn’t really mortar for bricks, ... " wrote Rabbi Ron Shulman on the congregation website. 

"Even though we know our commercially produced Matzah is nothing like what our ancient Israelite ancestors ate, the first half of the Seder, everything until our meal, asks us to enter the mind and heart of slaves yearning to be free, seeking dignity, hoping for a human status equal to all others." Read Rabbi Shulman's entire sermon "Good To Great: A Passover Goal."

See the schedule of Passover events at Chizuk Amuno.

Chabad of Park Heights

"Occasionally we meet people who need our help, and it is our responsibility to reach out to them in response," Elisha Greenbaum wrote on Chabad's website.

"It might be uncomfortable or taxing, yet we must be ready to sacrifice personal comfort in our effort to save a fellow Jew. Going 'down to Egypt,' descending from our position of comfort and ease into an ugly morass of pitfalls and personal danger—nothing is too great a sacrifice."

Read the entire message "Why G-d Didn't Delegate."

Do you or your congregation have events or a Passover message you would like to share? Please add them in the comments section. Chag Sameach.

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