Students Train in Medical Emergency Skills

On Sunday, Masada Tactical instructor prepared Pikesville residents and studio staff to help during injuries.

One by one, Tzviel "BK" Blankchtein announced the tools required to tackle any emergency.

“Gauze, ACE bandages, a knife,” he said, displaying the items in his first-aid kit.

“Pliers,” he added. “You never know when you’ll need to cut a wire or pull a nail out.”

Blankchtien was instructing students enrolled in Masada Tactical LLC's , held at the Pikesville studio on Sunday.

It's an appropriate and timely course since Pikesville residents recently experienced an , and —all within several weeks, he said.

Ten students attended the three-hour training seminar. They learned basic first aid techniques, including how to treat wounds during medical emergencies.

Blankchtien gave a presentation, then students practiced newly learned skills in groups.

Usually the studio teaches self-defense to law enforcement officers, health care workers, as well as to civilians. But this seminar was open to all.

“With this seminar, we’re trying to teach the students how to address a trauma, not how to fight,” said Blankchtien, who owns Masada Tactical LLC.

Developing skills adaptable to a variety of accidents is important, he said to students during the seminar. “Even if you don’t know how to treat a specific injury, you should have a thought process that you can use in different accidents.

“With that in mind, now I want you to treat your injured group member for a head wound."

Student Emily Cook said she was engaged by the hands-on training.

“It was better than I expected because we got to practice how we’d use the skills in real-life scenarios,” she said.

Studio member Lisa Pachino also enjoyed the seminar.

“I feel more prepared for emergency situations, no matter what happens,” she said. “Kids fall at the swimming pool, old ladies fall in the parking lot, so it’s very practical.”

Masada Tactical has several upcoming seminars open to both professionals and the general public, including a free, on Oct. 23. 


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