PHOTO OF THE DAY: Fair Weather Ushers Winter Holidays

Despite recent springlike temperatures, dreidels and reindeer adorn lawns.

Winter holidays decorations are being set up throughout the community under a calm sky and amid warm temperatures.

On Tuesday, the temperature reached into the high 60s, bringing a 50 percent chance of showers Tuesday night, accoriding to the National Weather Service. The grass was still green, and we have yet to get our first snowfall.

And that's not going to change much, according to the Garrison area forecast.

For the rest of the week, leading up to Saturday—the first night of Hanukkah—temperatures will stay in the 50s and above. The holiday lasts through sundown Dec. 16.

Some showers are expected—but there's only a slight chance—during the day Friday. And there's a chance again on Sunday.

For the first lamp lighting at The Chanukah House at 7 p.m. Saturday, at 6721 Greenspring Avenue, the temperature is likely to be pleasant: somewhere between the high of 56 degrees and the low of 49, with some clouds.

How are the warm temperatures affecting your holiday plans, decorations or events? Do you prefer cold weather and snow, or warm weather and rain for Hanukkah and Christmas?


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