Forecast: More Rain Is on the Way

Thunderstorms and even hail are a possibility before the sun returns on Thursday.


Rain clouds are still prevalent throughout Pikesville, although the sun has managed to shine through occasionally.

More rain and thunderstorms—even a possibility of hail—are in the National Weather Service forecast through Wednesday.

For the entire Washington DC/ Baltimore area there's a hazardous weather outlook in effect for 4-10 p.m. Tuesday, according to the NWS.

"Scattered thunderstorms are expected to develop this afternoon," the outlook states. "Some of the storms may be severe and will be capable of damaging wind gusts and large hail."

Otherwise, on Tuesday night there's a 60 percent chance of thunderstorms before midnight, with showers possible through 2 a.m. Wednesday, the forecast states.

The chance of precipitation diminishes Wednesday at only 20 percent, it states.

Wednesday will be even warmer, and Thursday could be sunny. Following are the forecasted temperatures:

High Tuesday: 75 degrees

Low Tuesday: 63 degrees.

High Wednesday: 81 degrees

Low Wednesday: 54 degrees

High Thursday: 73 degrees

Low Thursday: 50 degrees

So far, the forecast for the weekend is sunny to partly cloudy through Sunday, but no precipitation is expected.


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