Grant To Help Jewish Group Prevent Domestic Violence

Jewish Women International will use the $350,000 to reduce dating violence in Baltimore's insular Jewish community.

The Department of Justice has granted $350,000 to Jewish Women International to use to prevent domestic and sexual violence against women and girls.

Using that grant, the group "will commit critical resources to reducing dating violence in Baltimore, Maryland's, insular Jewish community," a news release from the group states.

The grant is part of the $12.6 million granted to 20 communities, the release states.

The group will partner with the Counseling, Helpline & Aid Network for Abused Women, also known as CHANA, to develop a public awareness and education campaign called 'Good Guys."

The goal will be to empower "Jewish Orthodox men and boys to prevent and address domestic and sexual violence," it states.

The groups decided that more domestic violence services are needed in the Pikesville and Upper Park Heights areas of Baltimore and Baltimore County, the release states.

“This project will help create models for the healthy male development process that will help scores of young men consider their role in relationships and in their community, empowering them to effect positive change," Deborah Rosenbloom, Jewish Women International's director of programs, said in a statement.

For more information visit the group's website, or call 800-343-2823.


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