Dr. Seuss, Sequestration and More From Maryland Local Voices

Here are some of Patch's top Local Voices posts across Maryland this week.

Bevins Critical of Proposal to Tighten County Car Rules: Baltimore County Councilwoman Cathy Bevins said a colleague is only calling for the changes because he was questioned by a reporter for breaking a campaign promise not to take a county vehicle if elected.

Sequestration to Have Serious Local Impact: Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young talks about what the impact of the sequestration's mandated federal budget cuts would be on city services.

State of the River Address: The South River Report Card is discussed in this blog that details the health of one of the local waterways in Anne Arundel County.

Anne Arundel 'School Hours Study' - Answers to the Questions: Blog reacts to a recent study as part of the ongoing efforts by local parents to push school start times later in Anne Arundel County.

Charlestown Residents Play Miniature Golf Indoor as Snowstorm Approaches Outside: These retirement community residents wouldn't let a little storm disrupt their tee times.

The Cost of Inaction: Gov. Martin O'Malley's press secretary writes about the administration's transportation funding plan.

Hogan Blasts O’Malley’s Gas Tax Proposal: On the other side, Larry Hogan, an official under former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, says a gas tax increase is not the answer.

Starr Kicks Me to the Curb: The Non-Interview: A blogger is turned down for an interview with Montgomery County schools Superintendent Joshua Starr. What would he have asked?

: A reader takes issue with the messages in some works of Dr. Seuss.

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